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Long distance lovers
Hello Ellen!
My name is Minji! I am going to China with a program called "One World Now" where I am studying Chinese. I got a full scholarship to go to Malaysia for one year but I explained to them that I can't just got anywhere, I have school, work and my friends here so I wasn't going to leave here and go somewhere I didn't want to go. They said that they wouldn't make any exseptions, becuase I was too old to go to China, it broke my heart, I was very upset. I want to go to China and be with my girlfriend. I just wanted to let you know my story and if you could help me by giving me recommendations to shcolorships for my age (17, 18 in October) I will be so happy to be with her and show her to my family I haven't met her yet but I am planing to meet her when I go to China in July! But only for 10 days I hope to have a nice time with her I hope you see my story. I am posting pictures of me and my girlfriend. I am working now to raise money to go see her and I am asking my mom to see if we can be her host family in Seattle I really love her and all I want to do is love her and hold her, it's hard when you can't do that with the person you love. I am rasing money(by working) to be able to spend money on my girlfriend, and pay for the trip to China, would you mind please letting me know what are the best organizations for scholarships or fundraisers
Thanks for reading, I love your show
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