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Real Love???
My amazing husband just gave me the most heartfelt, thoughtful gift ever for my Birthday!!! I had written lyrics to a song in 2007, I do this often and just shove them into my journals. The lyrics just sat around in a drawer in my office for several years. The words have been pulled out along the way and other musically talented friends have attempted to put music to them but nothing really fit so back into the drawer they went. Recently, a water pipe broke in our house flooding the drawer of my lyrics. Out they came to dry in front of the heaters, where Marc secretly grabbed them and worked his magic with other very talented friends. They created this fabulous song, titled ‪#‎RealLove‬? By Suite Grove. The lyrics meant a lot to me in 2007 and today after working with young adults who grew up in “cyberspace” now resonate even stronger. I am troubled often by the thought of the loss of human contact in our world. Mothers holding their babies in carriers instead of arms, texting instead of conversation, lack of connotation in words and misinterpretation of those same words, popularity contests of counting friends that don’t really exist. So I jotted down my thoughts explaining in a fun way (although cynical way) the quest for #RealLove in today’s world from a woman’s perspective.
I am so honored that these beautiful, talented friends would help take this crumply piece of paper, work their magic, and turn it into a song that makes me want to dance & sing! Sending a huge Thank you to Chris Everett/Engineer & Arrangement, Emily Grove/Vocalist, Doug Zambon/Guitar, Keith Roth/Bass, Danny “Deeds” Leed/Drums, Marc Regan/Production & Arrangement
Take a listen, if everyone likes it, we’ll create a video for it. I would love my friends and family to be part of the music of my life. Send me a pic of you displaying RealLove? (hugging a loved one, human connection) cfcloudnclear@gmail.com http://youtu.be/LdGrTuvxPz4
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Apr 22, 2015