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A blessing in disguise: Please help your number 1 fan, Ellen!
Ellen, there is a beautiful, talented, loving young lady that desperately needs your help. While on vacation from Medical School (that her immigrant parents worked multiple jobs to help pay for), she was hit by a 23 year old drunk driver and paralyzed. She struggles daily just to regain tiny bits of her independence back, such as being able to feed herself and operate a wheel chair. Gretchen absolutely LOVES you and watches your show constantly. All her friends and family are mounting a campaign to reach you so that you may know of her story, her struggles and her wish to meet you. In addition to her wish to meet you, we are making a supreme effort to continue the struggle to keep the spotlight on the ABSOLUTE HORRORS that result from people driving while drunk.
Please watch this documentary about her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP707xjTf5c
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