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This is One of the Greatest Act of Kindness
This gentleman right here is a truly amazing person and I wish I would have gotten his name!! There was a woman and her son in line checking out and you could tell she was checking her money every time the cashier rang items up, and she had to tell the cashier to stop and still had items that she couldn’t afford, she looked embarrassed and defeated and this gentleman told the young lady to go ahead and ring up everything she needed and he would cover it!! The woman cried an her sons face had the most grateful look as he was trying to hold back his tears! The woman asked the man for his phone # so she could repay him but he declined he just told her that one day when she could to pay it forward, and with tears rolling down her face she promised she would!! I was trying not to cry but of course I could not help it! I truly believe that this man was put in this line behind this lady and her son, we know that God works in mysterious ways and God must have know that this act of kindness could possibly be life altering for this woman and her son!! Everyone needs to realize that with all of that craziness in this world one small act of kindness is all it takes to let someone know people do care! So if anyone knows this gentleman please have him contact me, I would like to invite him to come to The Golden Dove (whenever I’m am working) and anything he wants is on me!!
Credits: Michele Ann Walsh
725 views Sep 8, 2019

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