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4 Year's Old Boy With Autism is Going Viral and the Reason is Amazing
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So my little flyer (he’s autistic but normally loves to fly) didn’t have such a good flight home. Trying to get him to stay seated was impossible he wanted to sit on the floor in the hall and in first class. Huge thank you to united airlines they accommodated his needs, made sure we were all ok, worked around where he choose to sit. To the lady that wrote me this note in seat 7D thank you, you may not know how much that means to us when we feel defeated. thank you for helping and being kind just so happens she also works for United. To the man in first class seat 6C you rock thanks for playing with Braysen and not minding him kicking your seat or messing with you! He loved your high fives! Hopefully they will see this you never know with social media how fast word can spread but y’all made our flight less stressful being so understanding! Shout out to the flight attendants Joseph Nation, heather bursid, and Rhonda they couldn’t have done a better job. United really showed up tonight and helped us through this flight SAN-IAH flight UA2210

*photo of Braysen making friends with the flight attendants

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