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It Was So Fun to Watch Her Experience Snow for the First Time.
Ella enjoyed being out in the snow for the first time at Grandma’s house in Ohio! She loved when Daddy pulled her around on the sled, and her eyes sparkled the entire time she tromped around in the snow and watched her crazy cousins. She had so much fun, and was not happy when it was time to go inside to warm up. We had an amazing time with family, and it did our hearts so much good to be able to be back in Ohio again.

We had been planning to spend some time in Ohio with family over Christmas, but Ella developed a small virus that kept us at home. She was able to get over that virus easily, so we made our trip up this past weekend. Other than that little virus, Ella has stayed sickness-free so far this flu season, and we are incredibly grateful for that. We are not quarantined to our house like we were last winter, but we are still needing to be cautious with where we take her.

Ella has been doing very well. She is walking (actually, more like running) everywhere and is talking up a storm as well. Her determination and spunk that we saw while she was laying in the hospital bed is still very much a part of her. She keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure, but we are so thankful to the Lord that she’s at such a great spot

credits: Praying for Ella Jayne
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