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Big Dream of Mine and at the Top of My Wish List-your Friendship Is More Important So Don’t Feel Like You Have to.
My sis Eva Bridges , we’ve been friends for 38 years now came to see me today because she knows how I’ve helping people for years around the world , we made this video so everybody can see how I eat...Eva wants to try to find someone in the TV , media business so they can help me find more people around the world to help. I’ve been writing to Jeannie Wants To Make Your Day Come True Write To The Show-The Ellen Show for years now asking to help make my dreams come true because I’ve been sick for 16 years now and I’ve been helping people around the world for years now trying to help them keep fighting like I have. I’m sorry I’m asking you but Eva is trying to help get a TV station, newspapers and The Ellen Show to help make my dreams come true by helping me find some more people to help and a few more dreams. Can you please share this and if you know of someone in the TV , media business or someone who can help me because this is a big dream of mine and at the top of my wish list-Your friendship is more important so don’t feel like you have to.

Ok I’m going to shut my big mouth now lol . Thank you so much for your friendship and I love you

credits: Shelly Moser Linder Hallmark
813 views May 9, 2019

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