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This Is the Kind of World I Want to Live in.
“Today this beautiful young child approached me at Chick-fil-A and thanked me.”

Terence Brister is a law enforcement officer in South Carolin.
And this is what happened to him at a Chick-fil-A.
Here’s what Officer Brister posted:

I took (the little boy) to the counter and bought him a cookie.

He then had me wait and he gave me a gift card to eat at Chick-fil-A again.

He is the very reason I have served in USMC, State Police And now City Police.

The faith, innocence and love of a child is immeasurable.
In a world that’s divided by racial tension, prejudice and discrimination, why can’t adults be more like kids.

He didn’t see black or white, he saw only a law enforcement officer and who he called a hero.

I applaud his parents for raising a child who loves everyone.

I know that some people hate police, but it’s days like today that God often reminds me of those who love, honor and respect the badge and uniform.

This is another best day ever.

God is always reminding us of his presence.
Credits: Terence Brister
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