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He Was a Little Over 6 Pounds of Sweet Perfection - Cory's Story - CPR/AED Awareness
He was a little over 6 pounds of sweet perfection. All that I was and wanted to be changed the moment I held him. After losing a baby the year before, I had vowed never to get pregnant again. I believed the risk of another loss was greater than anything the joy of life could bring but I was so wrong. Cory and I had an instant connection and I knew the second I touched him that my life had been changed forever. Fast forward 21 years of love and laughter mixed with a rare bump in the road later, I stood beside Cory's casket, touching him a final time, and knowing once again my life had been changed forever.
January 17, 2013: Cory collapsed in his college class. Rescue efforts were delayed, and Cory died. Six years later The Fireball 40 Cory Joseph Wilson Memorial Baseball Tournament has helped to place over 40 automated external defibrillators and has educated thousands in CPR/AED awareness. Cory "Big Dawg" Wilson loved baseball. Now the sport he loved for 17 years is making a difference for others. The Cory Joseph Wilson Act (2016) has reiterated the importance of graduating seniors to know CPR and our family is continuing to push for schools and colleges to make Hands Only CPR training a mandatory part of teacher training. Baseball has been a voice for a boy who lost his. Our community, alongside The Fireball 40 players, volunteers, and sponsors, is changing lives one base at a time. Please help us share how life CPR can truly be a game changer.

(Not perfect and not my best but it's something. Thanks for all who supported this effort. If you have five minutes, please consider going to the link above and offering 1500 words or less to encourage Ellen to help draw attention to the need to CPR/AED awareness. We don't want a vacation or money or fame...we just want Cory's Story out there for all the other Corys and Morgans and families whose lives can be changed by just one person knowing what to do in a cardiac emergency. I sent in the picture below since it was taken at the Fireball. Feel free to copy and use. Maybe together, we can catch the eye of someone who would be willing to share Cory's Story as we all live it together. Our love.....Lisa
credits: Lisa Wilson
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