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My Grand Mother in Law Mary Walker Is Ellens Absolute Biggest Fan!
My Grand Mother In Law Mary Walker is Ellens absolute biggest fan! I’ve known Mary for almost 7 years, and she is the most generous, loving and wonderful person I know. Not to mention she is the strongest person I know, she’s been through a lot! She’s been such and inspiration for me and so many other people around us. Mary is the kind of person who would give anything to help a complete stranger! Mary is the kind of person who meets you one time, and mails you a birthday And Christmas card every year! She is the glue to our family. Mary will be 63 August 1st and I am not joking when I say she could run 5 football fields around me before I could run 1! She’s constantly going, going, going. She has been taking care of her husband for several years now, he has on set dementia with a few other health issues. Mary has been his primary care taker, meaning she hasn’t gotten to do a whole lot. She’s moved around a lot because her husband was in the military for 30+ years they finally settled down in KY but her family is in Minnesota and doesn’t get to see them often. Over the past couple weeks Mary has started to get very sick, we initially didn’t think much of it because she’s always been so healthy! Unfortunately on March 28th we got the news we were dreading... Mary was diagnosed with Stage 4 Small-Cell Carcinoma that has already metastasized to her thyroid and hip bone. She begins Chemo Therapy and treatment later today. I wish I could do more for her, because I know she would do anything for anybody and she deserves something! Even just a response from Ellen Degeneres would make Mary very happy! I hope she see’s this!

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credits:McKaylee Brooks
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