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This Is One Miraculous Act of Compassion.
I've got one for you. My sister and her husband lost their home in Magalia. The houses on the left and right of them survived. They were able to get up there to take a quick first look about a week ago. Their neighbors informed them that the firefighters had saved my brother-in-law's vintage motorcycle by moving it to the neighbors' garage. It wasn't damaged at all. They were amazed at the efforts and kindness of the brave men and women who rescued it when no one would have faulted them for leaving it where it was. My sister and her husband only had a few minutes so they didn't take more than a cursory look in the garage next door to confirm it was there. This last weekend, my sister, myself and my husband all drove in from out of town to help Julie dig for specific items she was hoping to recover. She's been an avid collector of Disney pins for many years. She had about 1500 of them. She also wanted to recover a ring that belonged to our mom who passed away a few years ago. As we donned our hazmat suits, boots and gloves, the neighbor opened their garage again. We walked over to say hello and also take a look at the motorcycle. We were SHOCKED at what we found. Those heroes, when they realized that they would not be able to save my sister's house, kicked in the front door and grabbed much more than we realized. They saved her wedding photos. They saved an old tavern sign from the Bay Area that was the size of a kitchen table top and probably weighed 150 pounds. They saved a hand-painted Disney cel from Dumbo that my husband had gotten my sister for Christmas a couple of years ago. They saved anything that looked important. My husband started filming just a few seconds after we realized what they had done. We would really love to find out who the firefighters in her area of Magalia were who performed this miraculous act of compassion. We dug for 2 days and happily found several pins. They were covered in muck so we don't know what they look like yet but they'll be added as is (after washing) to her new collection as she puts one together again. This was a healing weekend for all of us. We laughed a lot more than we cried. Grateful doesn't begin to cover it.
Credits: Susan Rolapp
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