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So Much Pressure and Stress Riding on Them to Save, Protect and Improve Another Human Beings Life...
This. Right here. Is all I have from two of the strongest women I have had the pleasure of meeting. This doesn’t capture all the love, kindness, empathy and bravery these women show to complete strangers every day of their lives. My kid just has two broken bones in his arm that weren’t healing and worsening, but he will be all right. Last night, we saw some horrible things from other children and their families. Things that I can never unsee. Things I will never understand or hope to ever see again in my life. Things that have left me feeling broken and sick today. Things that I didn’t even comprehend before this and still don’t. This puts a lot into perspective. Just when you think your situation is bad (when it’s just inconvenient at best)... someone has it way worse. Everyone who works tirelessly in the medical profession - YOU are my hero. Everyone who gives their all and has so much pressure and stress riding on them to save, protect and improve another human beings life... YOU are my hero.
Credits: Brynn Terry
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