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To my Fellow Children and Aspiring to become sucessful Broadway Singers, Love Everything you do
To my fellow children and aspiring to become sucessful broadway singers, love everything you do. This is one advice I told myself when I first started singing and still the same advice I tell myself even now as a grade IV student. Do everything with love. Every task becomes easier once done with love and the feeling of fulfillment is of no comparison. Each and everyone of you is a star, shining in its own galaxy, in the midst of all the other galaxies. No star is the same and your uniqueness makes you shine differently as those around you. Use your light to discover the vastness of the universe, one step at a time. Think of it as travelling from one planet to another, learning more and more about our world as you go farther from where you came from. Your light is being made brighter so that you can, as they say, conquer the world in God's perfect time. Good luck, aim high, believe in yourself, have strong faith in your abilities, and let God be your partner in all your endeavors in life...
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