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Picture of Little Angel Savannah
Dear Ellen this is a picture of my little angel Savannah. She had a ruptured disk on L12. She had surgery Friday and her doctors are optimistic she will walk again. My wife and I rescued her from a kill shelter 7 years ago. We drove 12 hours to get her. There were 5 puppies in the litter and we found homes for all five. We begged the shelter to wait 1 day and we would take all 5. They gave us until noon the following day. We arrived at 11:58 am. Come to find out 4 of 5 were adopted before we arrived. Savannah was the 5th. It was love at first site. On the drive over we were trying to decide on a name for her. When we met her we both said Savannah at the same time.
Fast forward 5 years I lost my job and then had a health crisis. In November I was finally able to go back to work. 2 years we struggled to make ends meet. But we did it. Then Savannah ruptured her disk and her hind legs just dragged behind her. She has always been my little angel but in the 2 years I was recovering she never left my side. She saved my life. She didn't give up even when I had. So when she got hurt I had to do everything to save her. She had surgery and her prognosis is very good. I set up a go find me page because we just don't have the money to pay for her surgery


I begged for the $6000.00 just to have the surgery. It had to be done within 24 hours of the injury or her odds of getting her legs back dropping drastically.

I am not asking you for the money all I ask is you share our story with your friend list. Anything over what we need will be used to help other little Angel's. Please help us I have nowhere else to turn. Even if you can't help thank you for reading my post.

— at Landen-Deerfield Park
Credits: Denise Farag
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