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Colorado girl with autism. Shows the difference one smile can make.
Inspire access, keep an open mind, and fly into the face of challenges.Hello, my name is Savanah Overturf. I am disabled and here to tell you a little bit about myself, and hopefully help you learn about yourself. I know not all of you are disabled per say, but you are all unique. Like a tapestry of art, you collide into your personality, your self-esteem, you collide into others. My story is like all of yours. up’s and down’s, curves and bends.Being uniquely abled makes it so sometimes those curves can dip deep, so it can be hard to come back up for air.I’m here to show you no matter how large the dip may be, there is always a way out. I was born failure to thrive, meaning I struggled to live. I would not even eat. My mother pushed me up and kept me strong. I know that in your life through struggles you have at some point at a guardian angel. Mine was and is always my mother. This past year has changed the way I look at the world. I always felt alone, but then I joined the miss amazing sisterhood.It is a pageant for disabled woman and young girls.It is not about looks but the beauty from inside. Each girl has the ability to create change. So, I would love to talk to you about some of my struggles. One of them being epilepsy. A condition that is from a lapse in brain function. There are many types of seizures, but I have multiple types myself. I take medication but thatdoes not stop them. It limits them. When I was diagnosed it was like the world I had become famiulre with came crashing down but 4 years ago I got my little metrical worker. My service dog has helped me in so many ways from safety to independence. I also have autism, that can be a challenge all in itself. Things become overwilling for me very fast. Even waiting for a bus in the rain can simply change the course of my day. I do have things that ca help like noise canceling headphones or sensory toys. These help me more than most could understand, but that does not mean I don’t need extra help sometimesI would like to read you a poem I wrote about my life.Now I hope you me not my disabilities.The world can be a hard place, but if we together we can work to fix itSo, I want you to leave her with a promise...Not to me but yourselfSo, repeat after meYou are unique now say it....I am unique You will take life for the challenges that come...now say itI will take life for the challenges that come.I will do my part to show hopeI will change the world.
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