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This Teacher Christy Hunt Is Amazing
This Teacher Christy Hunt Is Amazing
Christy Hunt says "So...I am the happiest teacher in WV today. Recently, I found an idea of asking people to sponsor kids in your classroom so they could receive a $1 book from Scholastic Book Club every month. I thought it would be a great idea...so I reposted it. I honestly did not think a whole lot about it....I would love for it to happen...but really...it was asking a lot...a long shot. About a week, week and a half went by...only two responses. I was so torn. How could I choose which kids would be sponsored? So last night, I decided to post it again. An amazing thing happened!! I started receiving messages...people in the community started sharing...then people from out of state started sharing and within a couple hours...I went from 19 kids needing sponsors..to 16...to 14...and then at 3:30...after being so overwhelmed from the kindness of so many to my children..I checked the account again...I was down to 5 needing a sponsor. As I was going out the door for work this morning, I received a message...someone wanted to sponsor five kids. I was so amazed, humbled, and happy! But the story does not stop there...as I went to work...more people stopped by and handed me money to sponsor a kid. Unsure what to do...I talked with my students. We have calculated and enough money has been brought in or promised to sponsor not only my class, but another small class at our school. When I asked the kids what we should do...they have decided they want to take the extra sponsorships and the points we receive from ordering the books and they want to sponsor a class across the hall of 6 kids. So, not only will my 21 kids receive 9 books this year...another 6 kids will also receive 9 books this year. This has been so amazing! I’ve cried many happy tears. This teacher’s dream has come true. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each of you.

This is not the end of this amazing story...see...someone shared this dream of mine with a friend. This friend had just helped her friend get a book published. She has decided that she wants to send this book to each of my students. So my 21 kids will now receive 10 books this school year. My heart is full. See...this is 264 books for kids who really need books. Thank you all so very much. There is no way I could have done this myself. Thank you! I thought it only fair that I share with each of you this amazing story. I told my kids today...their reaction will touch your heart. I will post their reaction and then a video of them telling the others the good news. Thanks again...I am grateful, humbled, amazed...and so happy! Awesome things still happen! Thank you! I will be ordering their first books shortly!"
Credits: Christy Hunt
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