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Cubs Fan With Down Syndrome Brings Down The House With Heartfelt National Anthem
“This is my shining moment”

The 30-year-old has Down syndrome, but that’s never stopped him from pursuing his goals — and getting to sing the national anthem for his favorite team was the highlight of them all.
“This is my shining moment right here,” he said of the experience. “It’s been the best time I’ve ever had in my whole life.”
Stefan challenged the Cub’s owner online to allow him to sing if he was able to raise $5,000 on GoFundme for the Special Olympics, where Stefan competes in tennis. The owner agreed, and Stefan ended up raising over $18,000 — which the Cubs then matched.
“It just kind of took off after we put it on Facebook,” according to Stefan’s father. “Everybody was really supportive of it. We got calls after calls from friends and family. Donations started coming in. It was tremendous.”
Before the song, Stefan was all smiles. “I have practiced so many times,” he told reporters. “Then I had some hot tea. Now that I’m on the field, I’m going to enjoy it. It’s going to be the best.”
And besides his brilliant performance, Stefan offered to give the Cubs a little something extra going forward: “After I sing the national anthem, I told them that the Cubs will definitely go to the playoffs and they will win. I will make sure of it.”

Credits/Sources:Stefan Xidas
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