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When Your Kid Needs to Learn Things on His Own
First thing this morning I gave Gabriel oranges and Gatorade for breakfast. Well he has insisted for days to “eat chocolate” getting the Hershey’s Cocoa out the cabinet. I have tried explaining to him on multiple occasions this is not to eat it is for mommy to cook with. This morning he once again got it out and got a spoon and went to eat it so I took it away so I could turn on my camera I figured since this won’t can’t hurt him I figured let him try it maybe he will stop getting it out the cabinet.

For those of you who know him or have watched him grow on Facebook know that he is a very curious child and has no fear. He loves food and doesn’t like to take no for an answer. He is a typical little boy and loves life.

I debated if I was going to post this since so many people are so judgmental. Keep your negative comments to yourself. He was not harmed he spit it out, I rinsed his mouth out with water and gave him his drink and he continued to play.
Credits: Stephanie Wilson
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