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‘I take my grandma to dialysis 3 times a week, so my kids and I hang out with grandpa while we wait for her.’

“My Grandma is 87 and my Grandpa just turned 90 this August. My Grandma goes to dialysis 3 times a week, which is pretty hard on her. I wish she didn’t have to experience this but she is such a strong lady who does her best to stay positive through it.

My Grandpa used to drive her to and from her appointments, but his license expired on his birthday and since he’s been having some memory loss issues, we haven’t taken him to try to get it renewed. Therefore, I’ve taken over ‘driving grandma’ duties. It makes me feel good to able to help my precious grandparents.

While she’s in dialysis for 4 hours, Grandpa, my kids and I make a day of it, hanging out and going on adventures together. My grandpa is just as adventurous now as he was when I was little.

We usually grab a bite to eat first, then go to the park, the museum or get some coffee while the kids play at McDonald’s Play Place. Wherever we go, Grandpa ALWAYS makes it fun and ALWAYS wants to join in!

He’ll get on the swings, chase the kids and even climb around the McDonald’s Play Place, going down the slide just like he’s a child again. It completely warms my heart to see him so giddy. He usually has all the kids and parents cheering him on which is really awesome.

Sometimes we will just ride around town and he will tell me stories from the olden days before I was born, and he’ll show me the ice cream shop he used to own. To this day, he is so proud of it. My kids and I are so blessed to be able to spend time with him, although I always wish Grandma was with us on our adventures.

I’m very thankful that my kids will have all of these wonderful memories of spending time with their great grandparents. I love documenting and capturing the bond that crosses their generations. This photo of my daughter and my Grandpa at our favorite donut shop captures our time together perfectly. Even though she’s 3 and he’s 90, they still have a lot to talk about!

I always make sure to take a lot of pictures of our granddaddy dates to show my Grandma at the end of the day. I show them to my Grandpa too, because sometimes the next day, he doesn’t remember all the fun we had. It’s sad to see his memory slipping but once he remembers what’s going on, he’ll laugh and say something like, ‘You’ll understand when you’re 90.’ He has always had a great sense of humor and still does. He keeps us laughing all the time.

My grandparents have an optimistic attitude towards whatever is going on in life and that’s what keeps us going. I hope for many more years of these cherished adventures with them.”

  by Lindsey Delisle Prosperie of Photos by Lindseyin Buna, Texas. Submit your own story , and subscribe to our best stories in our free newsletter .

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Credits/Sources:Photos by Lindsey

Credits/Sources:Photos by Lindsey


Credits/Sources:Photos by Lindsey

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