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“Most of the time, especially for Black men, they are viewed as a threat but I’m here to show others that isn’t the case
“Most of the time, especially for Black men, they are viewed as a threat but I’m here to show others that isn’t the case at all.”

Kiana Vincent sent me this.
I thought it was pretty cool.
Here’s what she wrote:

I wanted to share a great story about a young man who went out of his way to help my 83 year old grandfather.

We came to Home Depot (Rhode Island Ave. DC) to replace the spool feed for his trimmer.

We came across QuRan where he showed my grandfather which feed he would need.

We then paid for the feed and proceeded to go to the lawn services kiosk.
An employee informed us that the one person who was able to install the feed wouldn’t be available for an hour, due to him being on his lunch break.

My grandfather and I were about to leave the store when QuRan stopped us and asked if we needed help. I explained to him that no one was able to help install the new feed for my grandfather’s trimmer.

QuRan then insisted that he could help us with our problem.
I’m pretty sure he had other things to do, but he stopped and decided to install the feed and show my grandfather how to do it, step by step.

He was patient when my grandfather asked questions and not once did he get frustrated.

My grandfather asked if he could help him with anything, but he declined and kindly walked off.

Today I wanted to show everyone how awesome QuRan was!
I wanted to make sure he got the recognition that he deserved!

---Kiana Vincent

I think a lot of times people tend to view young black me as a threat.

It’s unconscious bias.
We can pretend it’s not there.
But it is.

I'm not blaming people.
I'm just asking that they look at themselves and ask whether it's possible that maybe they have that bias.

I've thought about it a lot.
And I know that in the past I've have unconscious bias against young black men.

I like to think that I don't any more.

That’s why i think it's important to post this story.
It shows a young black man helping others.
My guess is that this happens WAY more than many of us probably realize.


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