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This is pretty interesting and also very touching.
This is pretty interesting and also very touching.

It’s about the driver of the trailer that got a flat tire and accidentally started the Carr Fire in Redding in Northern California.
That fire has destroyed more than 1000 homes.

Here’s what Carr Fire Stories posted on Facebook:

We personally know someone who's mom is a neighbor to the man who's trailer accident led to #CarrFire.

Many have been thinking and praying for this man.

We learned that his wife is blaming herself for the #CarrFire, because she asked him to take the trailer in the first place.
She has been crying day and night on her couch.

Do you think we can show some grace and extend kindness (and even forgiveness) for the shame and despair that she is experiencing?

This may be one of our finest moments Redding!

---Carr Fire Stories

More than 500 people commented on the post including Shasta Fauks.
She wrote:

I lost my trailer and my parents lost their house.
But what happened was no fault of this couple.

The weather conditions, the area, the lack of properly clearing underbrush was at fault.

I sincerely hope this couple knows that no one blames them.
It was an accident that the weather accelerated to a horrific tragedy.

I only stated my loss for you to understand that none I have talked to, have said anything other than not to blame yourselves.

Be at peace.
God bless you both. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

--Shasta Fauks

So many people lost everything because of the Carr Fire.
But I have to agree with Shasta.
Unfortunately accidents happen.
We’ve all had a flat tire.
I hope that the driver and his wife can find peace.




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