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Yarmouth Boy's Hallelujah Cover for Fredericton Shooting Victims Is Amazing
A Yarmouth, N.S., boy's Facebook tribute to the victims of the Fredericton shooting has been viewed almost 470,000 times and shared more than 13,000 times.

Joshua Cochrane, 12, sings a song to the tune of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, where the lyrics reflect police officers' experience on the job.

Cochrane said he sang the song in honour of the two police officers who died in the Friday shooting that also killed two civilians.

"When I was watching the news and I saw the terror in the eyes and the hurt the people who saw everything were going through and their comments about how unsafe they felt in their own community, it made me think of what was going through the officers' minds," he told

Cochrane, who has autism, is well-known for his singing and has helped raise more than $300,000 by singing for various causes over the years.

Cochrane said it breaks his heart knowing that some kids won't have their parents around anymore to tuck them into bed at night.
He said he posted the video because he believes music is a powerful tool for healing.

"It helps you speak from your heart," said Cochrane. "It helps bring calmness."

Cochrane said he understands the loss being felt by people right now. A friend of Cochrane's family, Kirk Taylor, died in 2009 in Afghanistan from a bomb blast. Cochrane called Taylor his hero.

"I know the hurt and anger you go through after horrible things happen," he said. "People need to know we are there for them."

Cochrane said he received a message from someone who said watching the video may have saved their life.

"When something bad like this happens in the world, it's hard to see past the bad. I wanted to help people only see the good," said Cochrane.
Credits: Ann Harrington
840 views Aug 14, 2018

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JoshCochrane 150 points
This is amazing! ❤ So great to see that I'm helping so many people!

Would it be okay if we could get some credit to Brittney Billiot? She wrote the lyrics and I changed a few words. (Ending) thank you so much! ❤ #FrederictonStrong
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Aug 14, 2018