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Let This Young Man Wishes Come True
Today I went to visit one of the strongest young men I have ever met. Kyle is the young man that I was able help and bring him to safety. He suffered a catastrophic lower leg injury and is recovery from from his surgery. His mother and father are awesome and I truly feel blessed to now be apart of their lives forever. Kyle still has along way to recovery but he is excited to one day be back on the campus of Douglas and go back to school with his friends. During my conversation with him I asked him what he wanted and he told me three things. This is where I need everyone’s help.
1. He wants to meet President Donald Trump. I am working with a friend to see how this might be possible but if anyone has any connections with that please contact me.
2. He would like to meet Ellen DeGeneres. This one I need help with I don’t know anyone in that business
3. He would like a German Shepard service dog of his own to help with his recovery both physically and emotionally.
If anyone has any connections with any of these areas please reach out to me. I can’t tell you enough how much I was impressed with this young man. Please help me accomplish these three wishes for him
Submitted by: Cristina Jocelyn Cabrera

Credits: Jeff Heinrich
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