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This Family's Cat Was Stuck In A Tree For 9 Days Before Someone Rescued Her!

Alice the tabby cat escaped the safety of her human’s home when they opened the door to take their dogs out for a walk. She bolted out into the world and scampered up a tall tree to explore. Climbing and mewing and having a wonderful time, Alice didn’t realize just how far up she had manged to climb until it was too late.

She wasn’t used to this sort of adventure and quickly realized that she was hopelessly stuck. At first, her family thought that she could be coaxed down with food, treats, and water…but she wouldn’t come down. She perched on a branch too high for anyone to reach and waited.

When Alice really wasn’t going to come down, they reached out to the fire department for help, but they wouldn’t answer the call. They called the SPCA, Animal Control, and even a few friends, but no one could help the stranded kitty, and so Alice spent her first night out stuck in the tree.After over a week, she pleaded with a post on Facebook for anyone who could help. It had been 9 days, and she knew that Alice wouldn’t last another night in the tree. Incredibly, a man named Tristan saw the post, saw the tree…and knew he could do it.

He grabbed a harness, used their incredibly tall ladder, and grabbed some treats! It only took 10 minutes…but those 10 minutes were absolutely terrifying! Alice was grateful to be back on the ground!She had lost a lot of weight…but they expect her to make a full recovery!

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