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A Surprise Wedding Proposal Stuns and Delights Shoppers
“Can I please get the attention of all customers and employees of Vallerga’s Market?”

“Annie Uhl, I know we have had a hard time, we have had a good time, but we have never had bad times.”

“My 10 years with you have been amazing and I look forward to the many years to come."

"I know that at this point you are at an emotional time in your life and I just wanted to brighten your day a little bit by asking you, Annie Vanessa Lyn Uhl, will you marry me?”

Annie said yes.
And David gave her a ring.
Everyone in the store started cheering.
And there were some tears as well.

Unfortunately this proposal is bittersweet.
Last week it was announced that Vallerga’s Market in Napa, where both David and Annie work, is closing at the end of the month after 71 years in business.

The Napa Valley Register quote a friend of David’s as saying:

“David knew how much working at Vallerga’s meant to Annie and how sad she was that the store was closing.
He wanted it to end with happiness.
I’m so happy for them.
Everyone knows and loves Annie from Vallerga’s.
They treat their employees like family.”

My congratulation to both David and Annie.

Credits: Annie Uhl
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