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He Tells Dog She Can Only Take 1 Treat From Bucket. Her Response Has Him Laughing In Disbelief

I don’t know about your pet, but I do know that if I put a bucket of food down in front of my dog he would start chowing down! He’s well-trained, but when food is on the line he sometimes forgets some of the basics!

I think most dogs are like this. While some can be trained to wait to eat until they are told, most don’t have much self-control when a tasty treat is put in front of their nose.

Matt Giles decided to put his Golden Retriever, Sophie, to the test one day. As they were standing by her bucket of food – Sophie eagerly sniffing around – Matt told her she could just take one piece of kibble out of the box.

He didn’t know how Sophie would respond, but as he filmed her the brilliant dog did something that left him floored.

The sweet dog gingerly plucked out just one piece of the food with her tongue, happily crunching down on her tiny treat.

After Matt shared the video online, people were in disbelief that this dog had the discipline to take just one piece of food from the box!

“This dog has much more self control than I do,” Melanie Lässig said.

“Now if only i had the willpower of this cutie when it came to biscuits!” Aoife Bergin agreed.

Lesley Moore, like many other dog owners out there, knows the outcome would have been much different had it been her dog in front of the box of kibble.

“My golden retriever would have took a whole mouth full and smiled at you while some were falling from her mouth!” she laughed.

Some people were concerned that Matt was torturing Sophie by only allowing her to have one piece of food, but he was quick to put their fears to rest.

“Oh don’t worry,” he said, “she is the most spoiled dog in the world.”

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