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I work at a Doggy Daycare. This is what my day looks like.

“When a pup enters the daycare we pull their card and hang it with their leash.

We have lots of pups, about 40 to 65 a day. Parents love to treat their dogs so obviously we have treats out for them. We go through a container every week.

Industrial Air Mover is our saving grace.

We’re in Seattle so it rains every day LOL. We lay down lots of blankets and rugs to help absorb the water and to keep it out of the main play floors.

You put down multiple layers for this reason. After five minutes, somebody peed. Luckily I can just remove this one blanket and add another instead of replacing the mat underneath it.

This is about a week’s worth of laundry. We fill almost one of these a day. If it’s wet or is peed on, it goes in the bin and is replaced with a fresh, clean mat or blanket.

All of our laundry. Lots of blankets and mats, because we go through way too many blankets and mats lol.

Keeping the hard floors clean is top priority. The play floors are where everyone is rolling around. If the floor is clean, they won’t smell. We have two buckets: one for just water to rinse off the dirty mop, and one for cleaner which disinfects.

If there is a secret little area I can put a blanket down, I do. Some little dogs like the privacy.

This is how much poop we collect in one day.

Here’s a cute pup snoot to make you forget about the gross dog poop you just saw.

Actually, it’s pretty gross to look at so here’s another snoot.

Stella is pretty cute, too.

Old boi in high definition.

Our walls get cleaned regularly too. Every other day with Lysol and warm water.

The walls are lined with FRP. It’s durable and easily cleaned.

We have three play rooms and this is how dirty the water gets after wiping down one room. Keep in mind that this was just cleaned the other day. Dogs are dirty yo.

Another cute snoot to make you forget about the nasty wall sludge.

Some pups don’t have lunch, but those that do have a little baggy or a full container brought in. They are separated with water and a bowl of their food and allowed to finish their food in privacy before we bring in the next dog for their lunch. We have a separate room just for lunches.

And here’s a picture of my favorite boy. He’s a sweetheart. You all need to see his face because he’s adorable.

If dogs are caught peeing inside, biting, excessively barking, or play-humping excessively, they are put in time out. Dogs are not in time out for longer than 15 minutes and have access to water and a blanket. The main reason for time outs is to let them calm down and rest before being reintroduced into the pack. Our main job is to keep the pack under control. The pack becomes uncontrollable easily. Pack mentality is a crazy thing, look it up.

When the dogs are all behaving well, we pull out the toys. All toys are scrubbed with a brush and sit overnight in a disinfectant before being given back to the pack.”

Credit: Imgur/ProfessionalPupperPetter
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