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Truck Driver Saves Two Lives In One Trip And Melts Thousands Of Hearts In The Process!

The occasional road trip is a fun adventure for most people, but for professional drivers, it can quickly lose its charm. Long-distance truck driver, Dan O’Grady was driving down the highway when he a small dog prancing and pacing on the side of the road. The dog didn’t look like a normal stray, and something in the way the dog was acting made O’Grady think that he needed to help. He exited the highway and turned around. When he stopped near the dog, he got out of his truck.

The dog was extremely thin and had obviously been on his own for a while. He wasn’t acting like a stray, but was in fact trying to alert O’Grady to a pressing issue. The dog was signaling by prancing back and forth in one direction. It was strange, but O’Grady just had a feeling and followed.

Shivering beneath a bush was a domestic rabbit with a stark white coat! It was trying its best to hide, but when O’Grady came near, the rabbit didn’t run away and seemed happy to be picked up! He nicknamed them Interstate and Highway.
He wasn’t allowed to keep animals in his truck, so he looked up a shelter and drove there…only to learn that they would only take Highway. They had no way to care for a rabbit.

He called the shelter in his hometown for guidance and they said that they would be happy to help! So, he purchased a cage, bedding, and food for the rest of the drive.

When he got home, he brought the bunny for a checkup. The veterinarian confirmed that if he hadn’t found the bunny, it wouldn’t have lasted another night in the woods!

He saved two lives!
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