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Six Feet Under Socks
My high school history & social justice teacher, Kate Flugge, started an instagram page dedicated to her husband and 2 sons, who have gotten in the habit of leaving their socks in the strangest places... I am attaching a collage of some of my favorites: (1) "regardless of how they smell, your socks do not constitute as plant fertilizer" (2) "the cutting board... is the logical place to cast off one's socks" (3) "dirty socks... part of the nativity" (4) "don't even know what to say here..." Please check out her instagram @sixfeetundersocks. She's such a hardworking teacher and parent! She took on the new AP World History curriculum a few years ago when the school wanted to implement it and now there are 5 classes of AP World due to the high demand! She also has classes called Social Justice Seminar and African-American History, both of which she constantly pushes for it to be kept as a class the following year. In Social Justice, she does not only provide a safe space for discussion but fosters the class to become a family as we research a topic we are passionate about and present our solutions to the administrators at the end of the semester. From these student projects, our school has worked harder to hire a more diverse array of teachers, hired more counselors to aid mental health, and implemented more gender-neutral bathrooms. She works hard with the club, Social Justice Committee, to bring Real Talks to our school every month, an opportunity for open and safe discussion with anyone willing to join. She strives to give everyone an equal voice and speak their minds if they feel safe to do so. Not only is she devoted to each of her students' lives, but she is a wonderful mother as well. She works very hard during the day to be able to go home to her family and spend quality time. She is just full of love and the #1 person people go to for help in anything.
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