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Going Holiday Shopping With A Purse? This One Trick Could Save You A LOT Of Trouble!

The closer we get to the holidays, the busier the stores become. With so many people out buying gifts and making last-minute purchases, inevitably, it puts more and more shoppers at risk of having their items stolen. Shopping with a bag is always risky, and with the increase in shoppers heading to crowded stores, it becomes even more likely that someone might make off with a wallet or purse as soon as they get a chance.

Thankfully, there are some very easy safety measures to put in place to keep your bag from disappearing the second you look away!

The easiest deterrent to purse thefts is to keep the bag zipped or fastened closed at all times! The second is to use a cross-body bag with only the essentials under your coat…but there is one more that many people just haven’t thought of! Using a utility clip can save the day

Attach the clip to one of the straps, and then attach the clip to the cart! If someone tries to take your bag, not only will they not be able to…they’ll also cause a big disturbance by yanking your cart and drawing attention to themselves!
If you don’t have a utility hook, strapping the child safety belt through the straps works just as well. Keep an eye out during your holiday shopping, and don’t forget to keep that bag zipped up tight thanks to the tip from the New Hampshire Police Department!

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