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How to tell your roommate you hit his car... with philopsphy...
Hi my name is Cooper and I am a sophomore at Kansas State University. I like to think I'm smart but the universe had other plans. I backed into my roommate's car in the morning while he was still asleep (he parked behind me in the driveway) and I didn't know how to tell him. So I want to school and improvised this video on the spot as a way to tell him I hit his car. After I showed it to some friends, they said that I needed to post it on facebook because they thought it was really funny, and now here I am!

Two days later I backed into another friends car who parked in the same spot. The ironic thing is before I backed into the second car, I sent a picture to that owner saying "your playing with fire" and then I promptly got into my truck and backed into his car because my short term memory failed me and forgot he parked there...

Rest assured I don't park there anymore...
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