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Military Mom Learns That Thousands Of Soldiers Don't Get Care Packages...And Makes A BIG Decision!

With two sons in the military, LeAnn Boudwine knows how much it means to them when she sends them a care package from home. While they might not be extravagant, any news from “home” can lift her son’s spirits in an instant, so she does what she can to help them get through the day to day grind of their work. When Boudwine learned that many soldiers never receive a care package like hers, she was heartbroken.

She gathered her friends and decided to start small…but as she continued, her operation grew and grew until it was known as Support The Troops, a charity that she started 10 years ago. At times, they thought that they would stop, but they knew that their group was unique. If they stopped, who else would pick up where they left off? So, they never quit.

Now, they have sent out over 10,000 care packages to soldiers who haven’t received them. The organization is run by volunteers, veterans, and a lot of love.

She doesn’t believe that she will ever stop, either. When soldiers receive their packages, they send ‘thank you’ notes expressing gratitude. Their thanks is enough to keep her going for as long as possible, and their story is still inspiring people over a decade later!

Credits: LeAnn Boudwine

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