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This Library Got An Overdue Book Over The Holiday...But The Note Attached Was Too Good Not To Share!

On Monday morning, the folks working at the Meridian Library District came back to work after the Thanksgiving holiday to a truly heartwarming surprise in their drop-box!

The box opens up to the outside so that people can return their library books and videos after the library has already closed for the day, so when they checked it on the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday, they were expecting quite a few books to wade through. This one, however, caught their eye with its bright yellow sticky note!

I found this book on an airplane last month. I called your library to notify them. I failed to return on time and I apologize. Please add this $5.00 to the person’s account that borrowed the book as a credit. Thank you!”

The mystery do-gooder hoped to cover any late fees after they couldn’t make it to the library before the holiday…but when they did, they didn’t want the stranger to have anything to pay for!

The adorable story spread quickly after the library shared the note with their Facebook followers, and many people were proud of the anonymous person’s integrity. Most people would have probably ignored the abandoned book, not to mention finding the library and returning it! What a great thing to find after a long holiday!

Credits: Meridian Library District

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