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Long Distance Couple Meet Around the World to Take the Same Sweet Photo
"Everyone was taking jump shots and signature travel poses, so we thought about creating our own cute pose, just for kicks. We tried different ideas, and the 'dip kiss' ended up being the one that was both romantic and playful; while making people smile as they took the photo for us. As the collection started to grow, it turned into a beautiful snapshot of all the trips we'd experienced together. We even showcased our collection at our wedding. Rob is a country boy, originally from a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA. Joli is an island girl, from the suburbs of Manila, Philippines. We met at a meetup party for travelers in the Philippines, years ago. After a few years of messaging each other online, we started a long distance relationship; so traveling also became our way to meet… in different parts of the world.

Now, our long distance relationship is over and we are finally married—we are newlyweds looking to explore the world, one dip kiss at a time! Rob has been to 6 continents, 49 U.S. states and almost 50 countries, while Joli is at 5 continents, 26 U.S. states and 28 countries. We both love cooking, geek news, documentaries and photography. We love that travel is a humbling experience that teaches you so much about different people and cultures; and in the process, it also helps you reflect about yourself and your own culture. We hope to inspire others and help them see the world through our photos and our adventures. Since meeting each other, we've tweaked our lifestyle to be more focused on spending our money on experiences, and less on material things. Have you ever heard that quote 'Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer'? We strongly believe in that. Material things fade away, but memories last forever.

Most of all, we think a lot of people are inspired by our story since a lot of them can relate to it. Many of them may have had to overcome their own challenges for the ones they love. In our case, our main challenge was physical distance; for others, it might be illness, cultural or religious differences, or other conflicts. Our main goal is to show people that despite the odds, if you love someone enough, you should fight for them. In the end, true love will persevere."

Credits: Rob & Joli of Dipkiss Travels
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