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Heroes Come in Every Shape, Size, and Age
Heroes come in every shape, size, and age. Tonight, these heroes will be battling on the Football field in the State Quarter-Finals game against Dexter. But earlier today, these boys risked everything to run into a burning home and save items for the local family who today lost everything. These boys didn't have time to think, they saw the need and took action, pulling things from the home, helping neighbors whose homes were at risk, and operating hoses along side the fire department. These boys range from Sophomores to Seniors and are all a part of the Capitan Tiger Football Team.
They had just left team breakfast at school when they jumped to action, not thinking one second of the danger they put themselves in. We thank them, we praise them and we love them all. Thank you to all agencies on the fire today who worked diligently to save the neighboring homes so close on such a windy day. We are thankful no one lost a life in this fire. However, the community now rallies together tonight to help the family who lost their home and all of their possessions. Community members will be at the game tonight to take donations of any size for the family. The family consists of a mom and three young boys age 3, 2nd grade, and 5th grade. Capitan is community, family and everything they both stand for. We will care for this family and make sure they get what they need because we are.

Credits: Capitan Tigers
Submitted by: Brooklynn Wootton
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