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These Kittens Were Going To Lose Their Eyes...Until A Kind Dog Donated To Save Them!

Four starving kittens were discovered underneath a shed. They had been born to a feral mother cat, and although she had tried her best, she was unable to protect them from the elements. The kittens were dehydrated and frail with obvious infections in their eyes, but once they were taken to a vet, the true extent of their conditions were heartbreaking.

The kittens were all suffering from ticks, eye ulcers, conjunctivitis, starvation, dehydration, and anemia. The kittens were wheezing just trying to breathe, and it was revealed that they were all suffering from the flu as it had developed into pneumonia.One kitten didn’t make it, but the others had just enough strength left over to keep fighting for their lives.

They received continuous care, but one kitten’s eye stopped responding to treatment, and the vet knew there was only one option left: a camine blood donor.

They reached out to owners with dogs that they knew could help, and a Great Dane responded, ready to help!

The clinic took his donated blood and spun it down to create a serum for the little kitty’s eye…and within 10 days, he had regained his sight!Zee, Zephyr and Zouse are now well on their way to recovery and hope to find a forever home soon!

Credits: Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary

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