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8 Words From An Elderly Couple Completely Changed This Frazzled Mom’s Day
"They were the best days of our lives." I heard an old man who looked in his late 80's whisper to his wife while I leaned over and picked up a spilt baby chino off the cafe floor.

My initial thoughts when I saw the cup leave Lachies hands and smash onto the floor was "far out, not again!" I was on my own and had Madi strapped to me in the carrier grizzling because she was tired, Lachie crying over his spilt baby chino and Sammy racing behind the cafe counter into the kitchen. Part of me wanted to laugh but the other half of me wanted to sit down on the ground and cry while screaming 'Help me, I'm exhausted and I just can't MUM today!!!' Then I heard it, those 8 words that changed everything... 'They were the best days of our lives.'

I turned and smiled 'REALLY?!' And the little old man and lady both nodded at me as mrs old lady said 'The best by far.'

The chaos around me suddenly didn't feel painful or frustrating anymore. I wanted to bottle it up and STOP time because I realized in that moment that one day my babies will be all grown up with their own babies and they won't need me anymore. It suddenly dawned on me that one day that will be Rhett and I sitting at a cafe watching young mums and dads with their babies and wishing our babies hadn't grown up so quickly. Those 8 words have been on replay in my head since I heard them 2 days ago. It really struck a cord with me. Because you know what - it's SO TRUE!

The catnapping, the tantrums, the getting up 100 times a night, the co-sleeping, the messy house, the endless washing, the constant exhaustion. One day we're going to miss all this...! Sure, these days can be hard, they can be testing, they can be down right challenging but I bet you a MILLION bucks, they will be the BEST DAMN DAYS OF OUR LIVES "

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