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"Scarlette was born in December 2013 with a very large left arm. She was sent to
"Scarlette was born in December 2013 with a very large left arm. She was sent to a different hospital for further testing and more specialized doctors. It took 5 months to get her final diagnosis of Undifferentiated High Grade Spindle Cell Sarcoma. She did 5 months of chemo, and though it stopped the growth of her tumors, they would never fully go away. So the decision was made to have her arm amputated. She had her lifesaving amputation done October 30th, 2014. They deemed her cancer free that moment! All in all, she went through 21 surgeries in 2 years and is now 3 years in remission!

I've always wanted to make her feel special despite the fact she will always be looked at as 'different'. I have crocheted stuffed toys for her with a missing arm, I have altered some of her stuffed animals and baby dolls to have a missing arm, I alter all her clothes so they fit properly instead of having a hanging sleeve. In 2015 we were able to adopt an amazing kitty that also had its arm amputated! Halloween was just another perfect way to show her that she's unique and amazing just the way she is! Halloween has always been our favorite holiday, we love the spooky decor, dressing up, and of course the candy! Scarlette missed her first Halloween because of her amputation. She was a 'cancer survivor' for her first 'costume'. So I wanted to make sure she had amazing Halloweens after that! So I got to work and started thinking up ideas to make something special for her.

Her first year she was a doll with the sleeve still attached and stuffing coming out of it. She loved being spooky and dressing up! The next year I took her to the halloween store and let her choose whatever she wanted and she chose a skeleton dress. So, I went to work, altered the dress to fit her, then made her a skeleton arm out of plastic bones. She LOVED IT!! She carries the arm around still, to this day, and calls it her 'other arm'. At the Halloween party we attended, she would keep leaving her arm places and then run around screaming, 'Where's my other arm!!???!?' It was hysterical.

This year she again wanted to be a 'spooky guy that scares people' so I started thinking up ideas. I wanted to give her a special wing, one made out of fabric so she could still play with it long after Halloween. The thought originally came from Scarlette's motto, 'You don't need two wings to fly!' So, we went to the fabric store, picked out all the fun fabric she wanted, and I got to work. I also made her a hat out of an old baseball hat, cardboard, paperboys, and paint. I added feathers and a black rose and now she has a reusable raven skull. She loves it. She is excited to wear it all the time after Halloween!

I wanted to instill in her at a young age that she is special and unique, not despite of her difference, but because of it. She embraces her missing arm, and tells everyone that, 'With two arms I'm sick, and with one arm I'm not!' She understands she had cancer and that in order to be healthy again, she needed to lose her arm. She likes to tell people silly things too like, 'I left it in the dish washer, it's over there on the floor, or the doctor took it away!' She's definitely sassy and has no problem talking to other kids and adults about it. It's so important to us to show people the love and happiness that radiates from this little girl. When you meet her, you can't help but smile and be filled with joy. With everything her tiny body has been through, she is still loving life, singing like no one is listening, and dancing like no one is watching."

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