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Beautiful People Taking Care of Beautiful Cats in a Beautiful Place
"My partner (Hannah Shaw aka Kitten Lady) and I are passionate cat advocates. While I'm usually on the other side of the camera taking photos and documenting our experiences, she shines as an important voice in the world of animal welfare, notably for kittens under 8 weeks old. We travel extensively for work and leisure, so we do our best to find organizations and sanctuaries that are doing good, honest work for animals and highlight them on our social media pages. When she was asked to speak at a conference in Hawaii, I saw it as our opportunity to visit an incredible place known as the Lanai Cat Sanctuary on the small island of Lanai.

We emailed ahead and were able to meet with many members of the team to interview during our stay. We learned how the very unique environment and set of circumstances on Lanai fostered the creative solution of having a cat sanctuary. We hung out at the cat sanctuary for most of the afternoon, where over 580 cats call home; and made the most of our time by photographing, feeding, and of course, petting the cats. When you're at the sanctuary, you see a lot of cats—but there are actually hundreds more that are hidden in bushes or tucked away in little nooks. (That is until someone shakes a container of treats.) Cats literally come out of the woodwork to be your best friend! While some are patient with the treat distribution, others work in teams to distract and ransack whatever you might have.

All of the cats in the sanctuary are adoptable, but they're free to live out their lives in this beautiful sanctuary if they're less enthralled by humans and not eager to leave. I would highly, highly recommend this place to anyone—but especially to those who love cats!"
Credits: The Great Went Pet Photography
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