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Adorable Kittens Had A Frightening Start To Life. She Was Shocked To Find Them Abandoned This Way!

A couple had been out shopping, but after they returned to their truck with bags to put in the bed, they made a startling discovery! A box of kittens had been dumped in the back of their truck. The small animals were freezing, huddled together to try and stay warm, scared and sick. The couple reached out to their local shelter for help!

The kittens were frightened of them, and only separated briefly to eat. Even when they needed to use the litter boxes, they all went together! Only one kitten preferred to wait his turn to use the litter box on his own, but he still wouldn’t stray far from his siblings. Slowly, the kittens became used to everyday noises: the dishwasher, the vacuum, the shower.

Their foster mom created a fun toy to help them break out of their shells! She cut kitten-sized holes in a large cardboard box, leading to playful games of “whack-a-kitty” as they batted at one another any time a sibling popped up through a hole.People were shocked to learn the adorable kittens’ story. It was too cold for the kittens to be left outdoors without anything to keep them warm. What if the couple hadn’t checked their truck bed before driving off? What if no one had noticed the box left behind?

Thankfully, the kittens are growing strong and are expected to find loving homes very soon!

Credits: via, SCAT Street Cat Rescue

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