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My 21 yr old niece diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. Yes, 21
I know you get thousands of submissions. I just feel like this needs to be seen. Not for fame or glory. My 21 yo niece, Brittany Gregory, a senior college student @ Eastern Carolina University. She will be a 2nd Grade teacher. At school in May 2017, she discovered a lump in her breast. We have NO family history and all genetic testing was negative. She went to her pediatrician! Sent her for ultrasound, breast biopsy and shortly after her 21st birthday was told she had stage 2 Invasive ductile carcinoma.
She then had a full double mastectomy with reconstruction. She developed a bad infection which sent her to the hospital for five nights. The doctor said without chemo there is a 30% chance of the cancer returning somewhere else. So therefore, he recommended four rounds of chemo to decrease that chance to a ten percent return. She completes her last treatment on Nov 1, 2017
She has not missed one day of her senior year despite going through all these treatments
She is an inspiration to all women and men fighting. We are all still in shock.
She has such a positive attitude and can inspire so many young and old if they get a chance to know her.
Two local news stations have already done articles as to what an inspiration she is with her beautiful attitude. This video I a,sending is the day she decided to finally shave her head. And hopefully you will get to see what a close knit family we are. Her brothers and best friend followed suit and shaved away too!
I am so proud of her. She will graduate with a degree In education (2nd Grade) in May!
God Bless and thank you for taking the time to view this special video
With Love, Margherita Leonard. One proud Aunt!
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