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It Was Just Another Day...Until She Lost Consciousness With No Warning! Chilling.

No one ever thinks that it could happen to them, but when it does, the reality of just how quickly things can go from “totally normal” to “deadly” is shocking. An everyday thing like driving to work quickly became a life and death scenario, and Michelle Wandoo Atim was at a loss for words when she realized what had happened to her without her knowledge.

It was a Sunday morning like any other. She had gone through her normal Sunday morning routines, dropping her mother off at church before heading off to meet a client for a photo shoot. It was something she’d done dozens of times before…but this time was different.

The story from my perspective ends after I dropped my mom off and starts again when I woke up in the hospital.” She wrote.

The wreckage was extensive.According to the person in the car behind her, her car flipped again and again before nose-first in a ditch on the side of the road. She had lost consciousness and wasn’t breathing. The man ended up being a doctor.

He administered CPR and made sure that she made it to the emergency room.

She doesn’t remember a thing. 

Surviving was nothing short of a miracle. I’m nursing a painful ankle and limping a little but it could have been way worse.”

Nearly one month later, she was able to drive again. Because she has no memory of the accident, she wasn’t afraid, and she will always be grateful to the Good Samaritan who saved her life that day.

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