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Thank You Dispatchers for Your Invaluable Dedication and Service
This is my brother Brian Ambrosi.
He's a dispatcher with the Santa Rosa Police Department.

Katie Ambrosi posted this.

I think many people, myself included, forget the HUGE role dispatchers play in the event of a disaster like with wildfires in Northern California.

They are like air traffic controllers.
People's lives depend on them staying calm and totally focused.

Here's what Katie wrote:

The dispatchers working Sunday night when the tragic fires consumed areas of Santa Rosa were incredible.

They answered a weeks worth of phone calls in one night. Begging people to get out of their homes.

They were directing officers and sending them help—leading officers to safety over calls by directing them out of neighborhoods overwhelmed by flames and smoke.

Several times they thought officers, their friends, who they work to protect, were going to die.

Their main channel dispatcher was sending help and talking to officers while he was sure his house was burning to the ground.

By early morning SRPD had dispatchers showing up on their own and jumping in to answer the overwhelming amount of 911 calls.

They went in on their own from vacations—some getting off planes and driving straight to work.
They've been working 12 hours a day plus, every day since and are still going strong.

Firefighters and Police Officers tend get lots of very deserved recognition, but sometimes dispatch gets forgotten.

I don't want to let that happen to my brother and his team. There are many unsung heroes working tirelessly to save our community.

So if you get a chance, hug a firefighter, hug a police officer and HUG A DISPATCHER !
The efforts they put in are worth it!*

*or if you're not a hugger, like my brother and me, high fives work perfectly

Credits: Katie Ambrosi
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