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Mystery Donor Gives This Milton Mom 25 Handmade Hijabi Dolls
"A wonderful soul anonymously dropped off this super sweet package on my porch today. On the package was a sweet little note to tell me that she noticed there aren't too many hijabi dolls out there so she made 25 of them for us.
This warmed my heart and reminded me that there are ALWAYS more good people out there than the other kind. Some gestures touch you deep into your soul. This was one of those for me. For someone to recognize me, my religion, and to give us agency herein. I felt acknowledged. And accepted. And welcomed.
Thank you to the wonderful person who dropped this off to me... When being ourselves - a seemingly simple idea - seems like the toughest thing to accomplish, gestures like this reach out to us and provide the strength we need to carry on."

Credit: Sheza Hasan
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