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The Next Time You Think of Yourself as Anything Less Than a Queen, Read This Mom’s Post
"My daughter: 'Mommy, who are your favorite princesses?'

Me: 'I really like Belle, and then Ariel second.'

Her: 'I like Elsa, Anna and Belle. And then Moana, Rapunzel and Sofia.'

Me: 'That's a lot of princesses!'

Her: 'You know who my favorite queen is?'

Me: 'Who?'

Her: 'You. You're my favorite queen.'

Maybe she thought this headband I always wear to keep my hair out of my face while I do "all the things" was actually a crown.

Well, shoot ... maybe I should start thinking so too.

Because wouldn't my soul feel a lot different if I stopped looking at my head-banded self in the mirror as "that mom" who isn't putting enough into her appearance - and instead see "that mom" whose kids see her as their queen.

And one who should remember to treat herself like one too."

Credits: The Thinking Branch
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