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Young man rallies community to save homeless woman's home
Justin Hernandez, a 29 year old man who is a single father, just lost his job, living with friends and no transportation, just moved into the neighborhood a month ago. He was walking his dog past Theresa and decided to stop and talk to her. Theresa told Justin that she's been living in her home for 25 years with her 7 dogs and her husband passed away in 2002. As of a few years ago, her home has not had any electricity or running water.
Justin's heart broke! He knew he had to do something! A few weeks ago he started the "Paying It Forward" page on FB to rally the community together to help Theresa move back into her home. Within a few weeks the page has more than 2,000 caring members.
Justin spends countless hours to make phone calls, news and radio media calls, emails, texting and answering everyone's questions and concerns. He does have help with the FB page due to all the overwhelming!
Justin organized a donation BBQ and it brought in $500.00. He created a youcaring.com page to raise money for Theresa's pre house foreclosure, which is $8,000.00. We support Justin all the way with fund raisers!
Justin's caring heart and dedication is the cause for him to be the MOST DESERVING PERSON!

A fundraiser was held on Sept. 26th & it raised $700.00 for Theresa!!
The Youcaring site has raised more than $3,000.00 as of Sept. 28th!!
There will be a donation BBQ & HUGE yard sale on SAT., SEPT 29th from 8am- ? Please join us! If you're in the area of Phoenix, 29th Ave & Van Buren.

Thank You for your caring vote! <3
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Dub56 330 points
What an amazing person.  Thanks Justin for that simple act of kindness.   You and all the people helping you have made this women's life a thousand times better.  All because of a short conversation in passing.  ❤️
+9 votes
Sep 20, 2017
Adriannea 270 points
The work this young man is doing deserves  recognition not only for helping Ms Theresa but brought a community together.
+6 votes
Sep 21, 2017
celeste.mclaren 210 points
You go guys!!
+3 votes
Sep 22, 2017
Has0915 210 points
Justin is an old soul. He is one of the most selfless, caring considerate, kind young men I have met. In spite of his own difficult circumstances he is giving 110% of himself to Miss Theresa's situation and needs. Justin is TRULY a Community Hero. I am astonished at his success in drawing a group of strangers together for an enormous random act of kindness and he is committed to this for the long haul. Please consider him!!-
+3 votes
Sep 23, 2017
Jennyasis 250 points
This whole operation has been a blessing to everyone involved ♡  Justin is a selfless, genuine guy and this recognition could help him accomplish his dreams to continue to reach out and help the community.  #payingitforward
+2 votes
Sep 24, 2017
Proudfather 240 points
Thank you all for your votes!. It's an amzing feeling to know there are so many people who do care! Our world, communities, neighborhood's should join together not just as neighbor's but as family, and help one another. This is what will bring the human kind back to its senses. Old new and future generations will learn off this. I pray it keep going!. Mrs. Theresa is so thankful and appreciates all the love support and kindness from all!   
Thank you all. God Bless.
+2 votes
Sep 25, 2017
Deanna Plant 210 points
Your heart is so full of kindness.  I thank you for who you are and I have no doubt that God brought you to Ms. Theresa.  You have already given her more hope than she thought would be possible again.  Blessings my friend!
0 votes
Sep 28, 2017