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The Small Things in Life Being So Much Joy
While out riding with a group of friends today, there was a lady that approached us in the Go Mart parking lot in Clay, WV. She asked if one of us would give her a ride around the parking lot for $20. She explained to us that this was on her bucket list. She wanted to send a picture to her son of herself on a motorcycle. I told her that one of us would take her for a ride. I told her to just follow me over to the bikes. This is when she told me that she was blind and would need help walking over to them. She latched onto my arm and we walked to the bikes. I told her she could ride on mine if she was able to get on. She didn't need to give me any money to go for a ride, but she insisted. I asked her if she was sure twice and she said, 'Yes, just keep it.' At this point, I told her I was going to back my bike up and that my friends would help her get on and how to hold onto me. She was so excited once she finally got on the back. I asked her if she needed to let her friend know where she was, but she said, "no, she will see us!" Her friend walked out of the gas station, so the lady yelled, "quick, get the camera!" As we started moving she let out a 'Woohoo!' We went around the lot and when we came back to park, she couldn't stop smiling. Not only did this make her day, but it made mine as well.

Credit: Levi Hicks
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