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This Is What a Bond of Motherhood Looks Like
"There are no words for the level of gratitude I feel for the lovely ladies who have helped me feed my son. My freezers are full of nearly 3,000 ounces of donor milk for Sam. This will last him a few months and a couple of these moms are going to continue to nourish him after we run out.
In this Journey, I have felt so many things:
My heart has been so heavy with guilt and dispair, while at the same time ready to burst with happiness. What a whirlwind.
Not having to worry about where his next meal will come from is a delight I never thought I'd get to experience. I was supposed to feed him. It was supposed to be natural. It was supposed to be a bonding experience and I got a deep freezer in my 3rd trimester so I could fill it full of milk to share.
Truth is
We are bonding...and not only me and Sam but me and the half dozen moms who have helped. It is natural, it takes a village. I am feeding him. And the freezer we got with the best intentions in mind, is stocked full of so much damned love that I couldn't ask for anything more for my son. My daugher is learning the variations of normal and the importance of breast milk. One day she will be a mother and she gets to look at this experience in hindsight and I hope it moves her spirit like it has mine.
I thank you fierce mothers who have helped support my family. My family thanks you. Sam thanks you. The impact you have made is more than I could hope for."

Credits: Shaina Dae Glassman
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