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Rainbow Babies Symbolize the Bliss That Comes After Going Through a Storm
"Through heartbreak and loss, these incredibly strong mothers have experienced something all too common. Rainbow Babies symbolize the bliss that comes after going through a storm. These little bundles of joy are absolute blessings. I wanted to unite women that had experienced this heartbreak and first of all celebrate the life of their rainbow babies, and also reach other women who have had miscarriages. It is so important to uplift those that are suffering in silence. Around 1/3 of women suffer a miscarriage in their lives but the silence is almost deafening. Most women don't talk about it to others and I wanted to spread joy and hope. So many women experience such a traumatic and painful event, but it is taboo to talk about it. We came together to embrace each other and share incredible stories. It was comforting knowing that even strangers can embrace each other and spread love. Even though we were united in loss, we came together and shared happiness and hope. It is an incredible feeling to juggle grief but also celebrate life. Even if we reach ONLY one mother out there, that means someone out there didn't feel so alone for a moment."

Credits: Lindsey Worthington Photography
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