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Lady meets stranger at Magic Kingdom, helps spread word about look for kidney
"On Tuesday Juan and I celebrated his birthday at Magic Kingdom. On our way out we saw this man pushing a teenage boy in a wheelchair. Juan asked if we could snap a picture to share online, this man turned around with the biggest smile, so grateful and said "Yes, please!" He gave us both a hug and said, 'Thank you, please share this with the world.' I can only assume that his child was in the chair. As a parent I'd do ANYTHING for my children, ANYTHING! I can't imagine what this family is feeling. Please take a moment to share this post. I hope they find a donor, I hope this boy makes it, and this family can put this stressful time behind them.

Thank you!

Because of all the love and support from the Facebook community, I called The number to notify the family. The man in the picture is Robert, he is the one that is in need of the kidney. I had assumed the child in the wheelchair, was he one in need, but really it is his dad. When I told him I had made the post thinking it was for his son, he was afraid people wouldn't want to become donors, since it's for an adult and not a child. This post was meant to help a family, to me it is still a very worthy cause, and worth sharing. May God bless this family, and help them stay together. Please continue to share and spread love and support. Thank you!"

Credit: Rocio Yanira Sandoval
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